Dasana Sports offering One on One Soccer lessons to improve your techniques and develop your skills in the game!
                                                         Dasana Sports new programs in 2022-23 (you can see our schedule locations above)

                                                                                                       Track and Field race in March.

-DASANA SPORTS  ONE DAY EVENT 2022-23 (One day event $15)  one day -2 hours- sports activities! (playing 3-4 sports of your choices) We go to your location! (must be a certain amount of students enrolled for any location)

-DASANA SPORTS- ONE ON ONE- SOCCER LESSON  This is designed for students which want to increase and develop their skills in soccer in a high level! (please ask for prices and locations)

Dasana Sports teach advanced soccer techniques and confidence by experienced soccer coaches which they have played professional!  (head technique students must be 12 years old and up for advance soccer) 

For more information, you can email us at dasanasports@gmail.com