Dasana Sports soccer teams season 2022-23:

Dasana Sports soccer team Boys 2013's.

Dasana Sports soccer team Girls 2008's.


-Dasana Sports is looking for a few good players to join our Soccer teams for club season 2023-24!

-Boys 2013's  (Born or after 2013) 

-Girls 2008's (Born or after 2008)

-Boys 2010's ( Born or after 2010)

Dasana Sports will be forming new teams boys 2012's and Girls 2010's (Club season 2023-24)

-Boys and Girls (from all ages) at Palmdale, Lancaster, Acton, Victorville and Tehachapi Locations. We are also forming soccer teams from other ages to compete high soccer level! For more information you can enroll at dasanasports@gmail.com