• (Dasana Sports will be starting our PE program on January 5th, 2023)

Regular PE program $40 month: 

$40 per student, every month we change a new sport, and it is one hour session once a week (4 classes in the month)

Individual Sport Lessons:
$80 and up each session (depending sports, skills, level and location)
(see which locations will be available)

The soccer program: to all students interested to be a part of a process which they will learn and develop all the basics and improve the conditions of today's soccer competition!  It will be directed by professional coaches (ex professional players) which they have developed some players through the past years playing in USSDA. We have 3 levels, beginner, intermediate and advanced(it requires to have a minimum of students enrolled)

Club Soccer Program: We have Boys and Girls soccer teams participating in club level every year.(see which locations will be available)

Make- up class Policy, all missed classes must be reported prior to the class being missed.

Dasana Sports goes to your community! We can accommodate if any school community is interested in our sports activities! (we require a minimum of students enrolled for any certain day and location)
Parents should register under "Registration"  Then, you will received a confirmation via email with more information about the program and location that you registered for.